Hydraloop H300 & H600 | Residential

Save up to 45% on tap water and 45% on wastewater with clean, clear, safe and disinfected Hydraloop water.

Hydraloop designs and produces decentralized water recycling products – award-winning and first of its kind. We offer a variety of smart, innovative water recycling products for residences, commercial real estate, hotels, lodges and more.

Hydraloop products can be used everywhere: in dense cities, rural areas and off-grid situations where water supply is unstable or insufficient. Hydraloop future-proofs any building and adds sustainability points for certifications like LEED and BREEAM.

Hydraloop helps you save water and energy and contributes to keeping water supplies available for your home, commercial building or hotel.

WATERSMART are solving New Zealand's toughest water challenges, with complete water systems and an end-to-end service. Enquire now to find out more or register your interest below.

  • Category
    Stormwater Drainage
  • Range
  • Warranty
    20 years

H300 // Ideal for families up to five.

Hydraloop is perfect for homes and apartments.

For families of more than 5, or commerical properties, check out the Hydraloop H600.

H600 // Ideal for larger homes and small business use.

Hydraloop is perfect for families up to 10 people and small businesses.

The H600 units can join together to recycle a greater amount of water for commercial properties with larger water consumption. This is called the Hydraloop Casade.

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WATERSMART are solving NZ's toughest water challenges, with complete water systems and end to end service. Enquire now or register your interest below.
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Watersmart is at the forefront of water conservation and resilience innovation. We are the only whole-system water experts in New Zealand. Our expertise includes stormwater management, flood control, rainwater harvesting, and water recycling. For maximum benefit, we develop complete systems that harvest, reuse, recycle, and manage water.

At Watersmart, we understand that water is not just a resource, it’s a taonga, and we’re committed to safeguarding it for generations to come. We’re here to help you find smarter solutions to today’s challenges, and to prepare for tomorrow’s. Our end-to-end offering covers every aspect of water system management. From design, to supply, installation to maintenance,
we are the end-to-end water revolution!

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