HydroTap G5 UltraCare BCU40 UV Access Classic Tap Non-Carbon Filter Chrome

Zenith HydroTap UltraCare Boiling, Chilled Filtered water system features SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection impregnated into key water paths for enhanced hygiene, LED UV-C disinfection, 0.2 micron carbon free internal filtration, Life cycle maintenance plan in a single under bench command centre including full colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection and customisable settings including boiling water safety mode, 2 energy saving modes including ON/OFF timers and 2 hour sleep mode, 'Quiet' mode with automated intelligent fan speed adjustment, 100% water efficient air cooled technology, and a refillable CO2 cylinder. Easy to install integrated ventilation tray included.
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Zenith Water is part of Culligan International, a world leader in water treatment and a wholly owned subsidiary of Zip Water. With unrivalled expertise in instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, Zenith Water is known globally for being home to the Zenith HydroTap, which dispenses pure-tasting water at the touch of a button.

Founded in Australia in 1947, Zenith Water has been advancing and perfecting drinking water technology for decades. Today, we provide thousands of homes and offices, in over 70 countries across the world with the purest tasting water possible from the range of Zenith HydroTaps.

The world’s most advanced drinking water appliance is available in 10 stylish designs and 7 contemporary colours to suit any kitchen and declutter bench space for efficiency.

Experience water at its best with Zenith HydroTap.