In Ground Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Poolpac Supplies high quality fibreglass swimming pools built by the world’s largest fibreglass pool manufacturer. Fibreglass pools are installed completely in the ground and concrete bond beams are an option that allows stone or other types of paving to be laid around the pool to give a luxury look. We offer an additional range of fibreglass swimming pools that have an exclusive luxury Tile band around the waterline. This not only looks fantastic it is a durable surface that keeps its luxury look for the life of the pool.

Plunge Pools:
Unlike larger swimming pools that are built for swimming, a plunge pool is built specifically for the purpose of wading, lounging or just cooling off after a long day. Since newer homes are built on smaller lots, opting for a plunge pool is a unique way to save space and be the proud owner of your very own pool.

The most obvious benefit to a plunge pool is that they enable people who do not have space for a traditional swimming pool to fit a pool in their yard. The smaller size also naturally means that plunge pools are cheaper to buy and install.

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Our Pool Range

Our Traditional Plunge Pool:

  • Capri 5m x 2.5m x 1.4m.

The pool is one of the most valued elements of home decor and the Capri, a traditionally designed fiberglass pool with bench, ladder and hydrotherapy on the same side, will turn your environment into a unique, modern and innovative space.

It will bring comfort, fun and relaxation so your family and friends will have a great time together.

Our Tile Line Plunge Pool Range:

  • Panama 4m x 2m x 1.4m Tile Line Pool

Panama, pool with porcelain tiles installed at the waterline ... a charm!

Panama is a special pool made of (FRP) Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester with sophisticated finishing with porcelain tiles installed in the water line.

It was designed in a rectangular shape to offer more internal space and to fit perfectly in your leisure area.

  • Bonaire 5m x 2.5m x 1.4m Tile Line Pool

Bonaire is an iGUi fiberglass pool with porcelain tiles finishes installed at the waterline.

With traditional design and 5-meter long, this pool offer bench with hydromassage and steps on opposite sides, transforming your leisure area into a unique, modern, and innovative space.

NZ Manufactured Fiberglass Pools:

  • 6.5m x 2.8m Poolpac FG (1.7m Deep)

The size of your garden is the focus of this pool making sure that you get maximum pool from your investment in your family and property. Value for money the 6.5M Design POOLPAC Pool will quite possibly be the best pool on the market for filing your family’s entertainment needs.

  • 7 x 3.4m (1.8m Deep)

We put a lot of thought and research into this design with the thought that the properties are getting more and more restricted in size. The size of this pool is designed around getting the most out of your Fiberglass Pool in a smaller garden setting.

Steps and seats in the shallow end and deep end give a great wonderful area for children and adults to play and sit.

  • 8 x 4m (1.8m Deep)

Steps on either side of the shallow end make for a pool that should assist when deciding step placement in you layout, the steps should always be in the correct place . The steps are big enough for children but not to big to get in the way of that family race.

Seats in the deep-end a great get away from the crowded step area. The seats are designed not to take up swimming lane area, however, superb for that relaxing moment before your race starts.

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Poolpac are the proud suppliers of Passion Spas and Classic In-ground and Above Ground Pools. 

We pride ourselves on the products and services we can provide to our customers and strive to create the ultimate backyard oasis.

We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to everything pool and spa related. We can take care of permits, engineer reports, site checks, delivery and installation so you don't have to. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for our customers and educate them on all of the available options. Leave it to us, we can find the perfect pool or spa for you!

Design your backyard oasis with Poolpac. We can install a beautiful Fiberglass Pool that will be the envy of your friends and family. Start your pool journey today.

Plunge pools are ideal for modern families with limited space. We can offer tile-lined, fully tiled or planned fiberglass plunge pools at an affordable price.

Or consider a Swim Spa. The Aquatic 6 is Large enough to be used as a swimming pool. All Passion Swim Spas have linear jets to create surface currents along with buoyancy jets.

Passion Spa pools are the leader in massage therapy spa pools. A Global brand with over 40 spa models to choose from. Poolpac is proud to be the New Zealand-wide Passion Spa distributor.