Inky Dhow Rug Collection

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Made from Himalayan wool and pure silk, the Inky Dhow pattern by Bethan Gray has been transformed into a hand-knotted rug by Tibetan Artisans who translated the delicate and organic brushstrokes of the designer knot by knot.

Her aptly named "Inky Dhow" pattern is an evolution on her previous work which she creates entirely by hand. For each project she paints by hand, understanding the scale, materials and proportions of the object. This progression came from an installation where she projected her dhow patterns across a staircase and was intrigued how the line changed as it hit different surfaces. She started experimenting, trying to simulate this effect by using ink, calligraphy brushes and watercolor paper.

  • Category
    Floor Rugs
  • Designer
    Bethan Gray
  • Year
SKU: Inky Dhow Rug Collection-Inky Dhow Petrol Rug-300-230
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