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Inoa Wine Cellar Conditioners

Turn virtually any space into a wine cellar with an Inoa wine cellar conditioner. These units recreate the essential conditions required to ensure it matures as intended by the winemaker.

Regardless of whether you love reds or whites, it’s important to make sure that ALL wine is stored at 14 degrees centigrade. Humidity levels should also be maintained between 55% and 75% for optimal preservation. In New Zealand, some people fail to understand the importance of using a purpose-built wine cellar cooler. In Europe, traditional cellars remain cool and consistent in temperature all year round – however here in New Zealand this is rarely the case. Basements can become too hot during the summer months, and bottles can therefore become too warm if the wone cellar is not controlled effectively. The change in conditions from winter to summer can also be detrimental to the condition of your wine as well – the importance of climate control within a cellar cannot be underestimated.

Many people choose to cool their wine cellars with conventional air conditioners but this is not a good idea. Traditional air conditioners don’t keep the air cool enough as they are not designed to operate at 14 degrees as this is a temperature that is below the level of human comfort. Traditional air conditioners and heat pumps also do not  adequately control air circulation or control the correct humidity levels.

Features and benefits:

  • Addresses all conditions necessary for ideal cellar performance being temperature, humidity, air circulation and vibration absorption
  • Manufactured in France to the most exacting standards
  • Utilises patented technology that ensures energy efficiency
  • The quietest climate control solution for wine cellars on the market
  • Suitable for use in existing cellars, or it can be included when designing and building custom wine cellars
  • It is available in two sizes to suit spaces of up to 25m3 cubic metres and 50m3 cubic metres
  • Simple installation – this unit slots into a wall cavity and plugs in to a power point
  • Available exclusively from EuroCave New Zealand
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