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K20 Kitchen

DESIGN: Norbert Wangen / 2012

DESCRIPTION: The k20 maintains the continuity of the Norbert Wangen collection. It retains the k14 kitchen’s modular units whilst introducing new materials for the worktops and the doors. The result is a product that has a more rigorous aesthetic: the finish on the doors wraps around the side panels, creating a design that appears more compact. The back-splash is equipped with shelf and integrated light. A fully concealed electronic down-draft hood is positioned in the back. It’s equipped with containers integrated in the back-splash thickness, with doors that can be opened and sockets for small electrical appliances.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Carcasses in melamine-coated grey-graphite oak or white, silk finish.

Boffi standard internal equipment.

Aluminium plinth, matt white or steel finish, h.50/80 mm.

Finished doors: stainless steel, white Corian®, Silcover, Mat Plus, veneer wood as per Boffi range.

Worktops in stainless steel or Corian®.

Handle in anodised aluminium profiles, stainless steel finish or matt painted, for lacquered and wood finishes.

It is possible to use flush-mounted and semi-flush-mounted CRS hobs and sinks on worktops in Corian® or welded hobs and sinks on stainless steel tops.

Back-splash with integrated shelf in stainless steel.

Led bar light integrated

Stainless steel down-draft hood with shelf, W. 900 or 1200 mm., externally vented/re-circulating versions, 800 mc/h.

This product won the Good Design Award 2012 and in 2014 has been awarded an honourable mention in the “COMPASSO d’ORO ADI”.

“The story of k20 kitchen started in 2004. At that time Boffi was busily preparing the serial production of k11 and k12 . Full of enthusiasm to develop new ideas I turned up presenting already the next kitchen generation; completely smooth and monolithic without any joints. The kitchen fronts were to be opened from above and the worktop was lightly concealed ... Dreams of the Future! Another 6 years passed by before Roberto Gavazzi, during a breakfast in San Francisco, gave a positive feedback by telling me how much and still he likes my idea of the monoblock kitchen he saw some years before. In that moment I thought of all the futile attempts I made to convince Boffi of a new concept…but who cares? Meanwhile I made some experiences by developing systems for professional kitchens where we managed making vanish the required complex functions in order they remain invisible for the user.

Every day is a new day and so we restarted working on the k20 project.

The originally conceived free-standing monolithic block got a pendant linked to the wall holding a seamless transition from the worktop to the rear wall.
The rear panel bear lots of space for required gadgets such as plugs, storage pockets and last but not last least a specially developed extraction hood. The descending downdraft hood had been implied by the previous DD1-hood. Everything is integrated in the sleek surfaces. In 2002 at the Cologne Fair I presented the K10 kitchen. Ten years later the K20 is ready to go.”
N. Wangen

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A long-lasting collaboration, strengthened each year by new challenges and new successes, is the result of a perfect harmony in values and sensitivity. For decades Foster has been shaping for Boffi stainless steel products out of highly stylish and innovative projects. Great know-how and experience, tailoring skill and high quality standards are the key of this prestigious partnership. Even this year Boffi news see Foster as an important partner, with advanced technological contents: once more Foster goes beyond the new frontier of super thin stainless steel worktops with the revolutionary worktops with thickness of only 4 mm, featuring exclusive integrated cooking and washing solutions.

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