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Keim Exterior Mineral Coatings

Keim Mineral Exterior Coatings are sustainable, water-borne, liquid silicate paints which produce an extremely durable, colourfast and water-repelling protective finish with high vapour permeability. The unique natural properties of Keim Coatings ensure a long-life, low-maintenance, protective finish.

  • Keim Granital

Exterior silicate water repellent

Keim Granital is a water repellent, ready-to-apply, exterior silicate paint that may be used on any mineral substrate. Due to its outstanding product characteristics, Keim Granital is particularly suitable both for the renovation of old surfaces and in new construction.

It protects mineral substrates from severe environmental influences such as acidic atmospheric conditions, and may be used in conjunction with other products of the coordinated Keim Granital system to meet the most varied requirements.

Environmentally friendly.

Available in a large range of colours with the Keim Palette.

  • Keim Concretal Lasur

Exterior silicate protection coating

Keim Concretal Lasur is a silicate-based, ready-to-use thin layer obliterative coating for low pigmentation staining of concrete and for equalising different structures. It offers water repellency, carbonation protection, vapour permeability and forms a chemical crystalline bond with the substrate.

Lasur also protects the surface from weather airborne pollutants and the surface is a mineral matt.

Environmentally Friendly.

Available in a large range of colours with the Keim Palette.

  • Keim Lotexan

Colourless water repellant

Keim Lotexan is a colourless water repellant impregnation that reduces the water absorbtion of porus building materials. Suitable as a water repelling, protective treatment for mineral renders and coatings, fair-faced concrete, prefabricated concrete elements, exposed aggregate concrete, calcareous sandstone and fibre-cement boards.

Keim Lotexan provides protection from water, acid rain and atmospheric pollution.

We provide warranties on all our products when used in conjunction with the correct specification and applied by a certified Equus applicator.                                            

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