Kemlan Celestial 900 Insert Fan Forced Wood Fireplace

Celestial 900 Insert - L1054 x W495 x H1054 mm - 196kg

Kemlan prides itself on building fires to meet the changing needs of today's lifestyle.

The simple elegance and sleek lines of the Celestial 900 represents the best in contemporary wood heating. Soft and hardwood approved, the Celestial 900 features a peak heating capacity of 330m2 and a low particulate emission rate of 1.4g/kg grams. The Celestial 900 is a powerful performer complemented by good looks and an Australian pedigree.

Rural and Urban
Softwood and hardwood tested and certified by the AS/NZS - complying with the NES clean air standards these fires have emissions of 1.4 grams (or less) of particles per kg of dry wood burnt and a thermal efficiency of 65% and higher. Approved for use in Urban and rural areas. 

AS/NZS 4012 (2014); AS/NZS 4013 (2014) and AS/NZS 2918 (2018)

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    Wood Fireplaces
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  • Designer
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  • Soft & hardwood approved
  • Low 1.5g/kg gram particulate
  • Up to 10 hours burn time
  • Folded 6mm steel firebox, firebrick lined with n14 ceramic baffle creating a robust and durable fire box
  • The large clean ceramic glass-viewing area features a preheated primary airwash system which ensures a clean view of the fire
  • Proudly made with a 10 year warranty
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