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Keramo™ | Ceramic Fritted Glass

Keramo™ is glass that utilises a ceramic frit pattern. It is often known as "fritted" glass as it uses ceramic glass frit mixed with special enamel paint and colour oxides that are fired onto the glass surfaces during the heat treatment process. The ceramic enamel is applied by rolling, spraying, screen printing or digital printing and is very durable and stable in colour.

The pattern or design can be solely for aesthetic purposes or can aid in privacy screening, providing solar shading or reducing glare. Keramo™ is perfect to use in conjunction with EnduraLam™ and a Woods Glass solar control product like Infinit E™. This allows for enhanced glare and solar control as well as privacy and aesthetic designs.

Direct on glass digital printing allows for virtually any image in multiple colour, to be printed on glass for interior and external glass applications.

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