Kerlite Easy by Cotto d'Este Dry Tiling System

Kerlite Easy is an industry leading, revolutionary dry lay system for Kerlite Tiles, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs. 

Not only does this system completely supersede the need for gluing, Kerlite Easy also removes issues such as visible expansion joints, strengthens and increases durability of Kerlite tiles once laid, reduces sound between floors, and maintains the ability to lift the floor and re-lay in a different environment, with no damage.

Kerlite Easy is compatible with underfloor heating and can span multiple different, level, substrates making it ideal for any floor in both renovations and new builds.

Compatible Kerlite tiles are currently available in over 50 colour-ways across 14 unique collections, so there's no shortage of choice when it comes to design.

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Stable: The fibreglass mesh on the reverse side of Kerlite slabs combined with the use of the SILENT mat and the FILLER sealant ensure the utmost resistance and stability to the floor.

Easy: Kerlite Easy uses a new laying method for ceramic tiles which is a consolidated system that is already commonly used for other laminated products. The installation is made so easy that anyone could install the system themselves.

Waterproof: With the combined use of Kerlite slabs and FILLER sealant, the floor is guaranteed to be entirely waterproof. Kerlite Easy can be used confidently on any floor of the house, except in the bathroom where direct sticking onto a waterproofed base is best.

Lightweight: With a weight of only 13 kg/m2 (including tile) one can have a new porcelain stoneware floor without weighing down the existing structure.

Practical: Makes it possible to create an overlying ceramic surface without demolishing the old floor.

Affordable: Kerlite Easy does not add any cost to your project as the system matches prices of adherents that aren't needed, and reduces overall installation time.

Fast: It is straightforward and quick to install.

Silent: It is soundproof thanks to the combined action of the SILENT mat and Kerlite. It reduces footfall noise to the lower floor by approximately 16 times more than ordinary adhered ceramic tile floors.

More Attractive: Makes it possible to create a floor without expansion joints.

Environmentally Sustainable: Makes it possible to periodically lift and replace the materials and reuse them in other environments.

Today Renovating is Easier

It is the first dry laying installation system without the use of adhesives certified with Kerlite, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs. With a thickness of only 7 mm (including tile), this system is used for the installation of a new kind of highly durable porcelain stoneware flooring that is perfect for interior residential or light commercial use.

It is possible to renovate without demolishing as it can be laid on pre-existing floors. Kerlite Easy is unique, because it uses a high-performance product: laminated porcelain stoneware Kerlite slabs, exactly as they are when they exit the production line. This means no subsequent processing and the guarantee of a quality manufacturing process tested by Cotto d’Este in over 15 years of experience and with millions of square meters sold worldwide.


Step 1: SILENT soundproofing mat

Unroll and extend the base mat. After verifying that the subfloor is clean and level, proceed with laying the SILENT soundproofing mat on the entire floor area.

Step 2: Kerlite 5plus or 6plus

Lay the Kerlite slabs, chosen from the colours available in the 5plus or 6plus collections, directly on the mat without the use of adhesives. Use 2mm spacers to keep the space between the slabs consistent.

Step 3: FILLER finishing sealant

Seal the grout lines. After having laid Kerlite on the floor, it is necessary to seal the spaces between the slabs with FILLER. Once dry, this sealant guarantees a perfect walkable and waterproof surface.

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