Unique tailor-made design options to upgrade your space. MaisonLIFT Plus provides convenience with a more sophisticated approach. This indirect acting hydraulic lift is suitable for vertical transportation inside or outside a multi-storey residence. MaisonLIFT Plus can be installed in multiple types of residential buildings with shaft pit and headroom limitations. It is also available with aluminium shaft construction.

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    12 months

Model: MaisonLIFT Plus
Rated Load (Kg): 180-630/180-1000
Suspension: 1:2/1:2
Machine Room: MRL with controller cabinet/MRL with controller cabinet
Max Travel (m): 19/20
Max Number of Stops: 8/8
Max Speed (m/s): 0,52/0,15 – 0,3* available for orders outside the EU
Min Pit Depth (mm): 200/100
Min Headroom (mm): 2600/2450


Unique tailor-made design
KLEEMANN special Design team serves as the creating force behind the development of lifts for your challenging projects.

Spatial efficiency
MaisonLIFT Plus has no requirements for extra space for machine room and is ideal for low pit and headroom applications.

Self-supported shaft
MaisonLIFT Plus is offered with aluminum construction, self-supported or fitted on to the wall, where concrete shaft is not available.

Green features
MaisonLIFT Plus is a hydraulic solution with green features: biodegradable oil, LED lighting and energy saving controller.

Certified product
MaisonLIFT Plus fulfills the requirements of Lift Directive 2014/33/EC and holds an EC Type Examination Certificate.

Emergency evacuation
In the unlikely event of power failure, the emergency evacuation system ensures the safe transportation of passengers to the nearest floor where the doors automatically open as to allow the car exit.

Fast delivery
KLEEMANN provides record fast delivery for standard orders.

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Cremer is a family owned New Zealand business with over 35 years in the lift industry. Our proven lift solutions are designed to give you seamless reliability and longevity. Couple that with our nationwide service team and you can always rely on Cremer to be at your call.

Importing quality lifts from our partner organisations, we provide New Zealand with residential, commercial and industrial vertical transportation solutions. Cremer Lifts provides non-proprietary lift software and hardware that reduces risks for our clients, as servicing is not software-locked. We provide 24/7 breakdown service and our friendly team is always a phone call away – many issues can be resolved over the phone, saving you the call-out fee.

“A lift can be a purely functional experience, or an immersive, interactive portal to convey your guests from one space to another. Cremer has 35 years experience delivering world-class hardware that performs, transforms and adds value.”