Laminex Panels for Partitions

Laminex Panels for Partitions range is perfect for design driven applications. The panel thickness is 13mm. Panels have a black core, that when machined, present a distinctive black edge that serves as a unique design feature. Its inherent strength and durability is due to thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. As such, panels are self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable. Laminex Panels for Partitions range is available in standard grade, a multipurpose compact, and laboratory grade, with a chemical resistant surface.


  • Healthcare partitions: Hospitals, doctors surgeries, laboratory environments, laboratory furniture.
  • Commercial partitions: Office furniture, reception counters, interior wall cladding, cabinetry, benchtops, countertops, tabletops, lockers and seating.
  • Hospitality partitions: Lobby counters, bars, hotels.
  • Public and Leisure space partitions: Gymnasiums, schools, shopping centres, sanitary facilities, prisons, universities, libraries, educational furniture and decorative screens.

The availability of colour options can vary. For the most up to date stock information, visit our website or enquire directly.

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties 
  • Robust panel that can be used with minimal support 
  • Provides a clean, uninterrupted, modern look 
  • Easily integrates and co-ordinates with many other LaminexTM New Zealand products and surfaces (see availability guide) 
  • Protec+ certified antimicrobial to JIS Z 2801:2000 – proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface up to 99% within 24 hours 
  • Non-porous and easy to clean 
  • Made in Australia 
  • Half sheets available (1830x1830mm)
Technical Attributes

Why Antimicrobial?
More than ever people are looking for ways to fight the spread of germs with one of their biggest concerns being clean surfaces. Whether in the home or in public spaces such as hospitals, schools, sports clubs and shopping centres, Protec+® antimicrobial surfaces inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Lower levels of bacteria and fungi, not only means improved hygiene, it also means a reduction in staining, odours and premature degrading of materials.

Protec+ Antimicrobial Surfaces 

Protec+ antimicrobial surface with a silver additive introduces an additional layer of hygienic protection. 

• Innovative surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
• Independently tested for antibacterial and antifungal efficiency in accordance with IS022196:2011, JIS Z2801 and ASTM G21 

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