Lightweight Bluestone Cladding

Lightweight cladding is when tiles are adhered directly to a compressed sheet or masonry. This allows for the use of significantly less stone compared to traditional installation. The benefit is a quicker installation, easy handling and minimizing costs with a parallel result. Typically this cladding uses our carefully selected feature stone which attributes stunning natural veining.

If you've been inspired by Timaru Bluestone, please get in touch with us to find out what we can do for your next project. The only limit is your imagination!

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Each job can be created bespoke to your design. 

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Timaru Bluestone creates unique bespoke stone products that are unaffected by weather, low in maintenance, non slip and will last for generations. Bluestone is naturally beautiful, genuinely New Zealand stone, and its versatility is unparalleled.

Home Owners, Architects, Civil Engineers and Town Planners are becoming increasingly aware of this wonderful stone, and its endless applications. As it continues to be specified by these designers for new and prestigious projects, a lasting heritage is being established for future generations to come.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will fabricate raw bluestone into paving, house veneers, pool edging, kerb and channel, road paving, tables, tiles, bollards, landscape details, memorials, outdoor furniture and much much more. The possible uses for bluestone are endless and we can assure that by choosing Timaru Bluestone for your next project you will enjoy a naturally beautiful, genuinely New Zealand product for many many years.

Our competitive advantage is that we supply NZ sourced and manufactured bespoke stone products.