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Limestone by Cotto d'Este - Outdoor Tiles

Beauty from the depths of the ocean: a layered and sedimentary material formed by the patient hands of water and time. This is Limestone, a reinterpretation of a traditional Cotto d’Este collection made more elegant, sleek, and modern than ever before. The embodiment of style, Limestone is a unique and exclusive product that combines the finest graining and most nuanced chromatic variations with three extraordinary surfaces: Natural, Honed, and Blazed. 

Beautiful, exclusive, prestigious – only the most delicate colours and pure materials compose Limestone. Quality and craftsmanship – above and beyond all else – imbues the surfaces of this collection with a soft texture and matchless sheen. The 20 mm version can easily be used for dry installation (on grass, sand, gravel or adjustable/self-levelling supports), and is a highly versatile option for outdoor public areas such as access paths, terraces, pool sides, parking lots, bathing facilities, gardens, and other urban spaces. Limestone, the perfect collection for both interior and exterior tiling projects.

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