Warner manufacture and install visually appealing and modern Louvre Driveway Gates. Louvres provide wind protection, privacy and security of property and children. Our Louvre Driveway Gates make a stunning design statement while still providing security and protection. Being NZ made these gates will be made specifically to suit your driveway and you have a great choice of colours to match your property.

Warner Louvre Fences and Driveway Gates are manufactured from low maintenance aluminium material, providing long life, especially suitable for seaside locations.

Louvre Driveway Gates can be used in all situations and are available in single and double swing as well as sliding. Our Louvre Driveway Gates can also be installed with control access giving you total peace of mind.

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For over 25 years Warner has designed, manufactured and installed stylish and innovative fences, gates and balustrades throughout New Zealand. We have built a reputation for working with Kiwis to design and make what they want.

Our point of difference is that we will work with you to make, in our own dedicated factory, what you want, not sell you what we have imported container loads of and are trying to flog off.

We are 100% focused on fences, gates and balustrades and we have our own up-to-the-minute plant which means we can make what you want (be it size, colour or design) and we can make it in NZ using NZ materials at similar prices. In short, we offer more choices and better Kiwi made quality.

For Gates, our attitude is that it's best to make the gate (width, height, style and colour) fit the width of the driveway. NZ made enables this. We have a large selection of styles and colours and sizing is almost unlimited. For Fences or Balustrades, NZ made enables you to choose either round or square verticals, heights & designs; and it enables you to choose a colour to match your aluminium windows or roof.

We know that Kiwis like to be individuals and with our own internal manufacturing capabilities Kiwis can make a Gate or Fence or Balustrade that is different to their neighbours, yet at a similar price, but better quality. And what’s more, you are dealing with locals. All Warner outlets throughout the country are either owned or operated by people that live in the area.

We have tools that enable you to decide what works best for you. Be it our APP that will show you what a new fence will look like on your property, our showrooms in major cities so you can see what you are buying before you commit, or our team of capable salespeople, Warner will work with you to ensure you get what you are after.
If you want cheap and cheerful we can supply that just like anyone that can import can. If you want quality and something that is individual to you, designed specifically for you and made specifically for you then talk to Warner.

Choosing Warner means choice for you; with a focus on materials from NZ; made in NZ, sold locally; unique for you.
This website will show you a selection of the Warner design options, from traditional to modern. Either way they will enhance your property and our experienced local team will give you a great result that is individual to you. Whether it is around your home, at your entranceway, around your swimming pool or a commercial solution for schools, hospitals, motels, retirement homes or subdivisions; call Warner. A brand you can trust to enhance your property for years to come.