Louvre Solutions provides automated options for gates, screens and louvre panels. Where levels of privacy and security can be personalised to meet the need at a specific time.

Louvre screens can be remotely adjustable to moderate the breeze and light, providing a privacy screen or fence. Louvre screens can be configured either vertically or horizontally, depending on preference and situation. They are the perfect addition to an outdoor room, deck of gazebo allowing you to control the light and breeze, creating a sheltered space while still retaining views.

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At Louvre Solutions, our products are meticulously crafted to suit your unique needs, ensuring they are not just off-the-shelf items but bespoke solutions tailored precisely to your specifications. We invite you to reach out to us with your measurements, and our dedicated team will promptly assist you.

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Louvre Solutions NZ have moved with the times with the evolution and development of louvre solutions. In this world, nothing is constant, and the technology involved in automation has changed and evolved to be a better product. We at Louvre Solutions NZ have embraced this technology with our global partner leader, Italian company Teleco Automation.

Teleco Automation systems aim to provide the best solutions for comfort, safety, energy-saving whilst being minimal in appearance and fit for purpose as part of the whole automated louvre solution.

Louvre Solutions is a Canterbury based leading edge designer, manufacturer, and installer of outdoor louvre systems. Contemporary designs that are both functional and great looking is what Louvre Solutions aim for.

Whether it is fixed blades or adjustable blades there is a louvre solution for you. Motorised controls will allow you adjust them at a touch of button. The moisture sensors for those seeking automation will detect rain and close the blades for you.