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The glass you choose can make a huge difference to the comfort of a house and the size of its energy bills.  That's why it pays to choose Low E double glazing from the experts in performance glass. Because windows are a key design factor for the insulation of houses, Metro offers a range of window glass with high-tech coatings tailored for New Zealand comfort that create the optimum conditions inside. Simply select the Low E double glazing that delivers the right level of performance and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Low E Double Glazing - How it works:

When you're heating your home during winter, less warmth will be lost through the glass. Low E is an abbreviation of "Low Emissivity", which is the ability to radiate absorbed energy. Low E glass has a unique Low Emissivity coating designed to reflect long wave radiation. Conversely, when the sun is beating down in summer or it's freezing outside, less heat will escape, and less cold or solar radiation will enter your home. Low E double glazing performance is increased even more when adding a thermal spacer plus argon gas.  Low E Max, Low E Xcel and Low E Xtreme have argon gas and thermal spacers. Low E Xtreme is the glass of choice for ultimate performance.

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Additional features that can be incorporated into you Low E double glazing:

  • Control noise for a quieter environment
  • Be safe and secure in your home

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Low E Double Glazing for existing homes


Benefits of Low E:

  • Less heat loss plus more insulation
  • Less condensation with increased comfort
  • Control the sun and reduce heat gain
  • Control the suns radiation and reduce fading
  • Allow visibility while reducing glare
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Discover the best glass solutions for your construction projects with Metro Performance Glass.

New Zealand’s largest glass processor with manufacturing sites located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, supported by 12 distribution centres throughout the country.

Producing a diverse range of customised glass products that are used in both residential and commercial construction. Our range of products includes Low E double and triple glazing, solar control glass, frameless glass showers and balustrades, mirrors, splash backs, canopies, doors and internal partitions. 

The right glass can enhance the beauty and comfort of any living space. Our high-tech glass range can transform rooms by creating stunning new features that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to every part of your house.