Masons Intertenancy Wall System

The Masons Intertenancy Wall System is an acoustic and fire rated wall system for use in medium and high density residential/commercial developments such as townhouses, terraced housing and apartments.

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Masons Enviro™ AAC panel is a 50 mm thick AAC panel (have been tested to AS/NZS1530.1), manufactured from cement, sand, lime and water and aerated by the addition of an expanding agent. Soft blocks are moulded using the mixture and then sliced into the required panel size and cured in a steam pressure autoclave for up to 12 hours.   

  • 50mm panel - total wall thickness 250mm
  • FRL of 90/90/90 with STD 10mm Plastaboard
  • Acoustic Performance STC 64
  • Discontinuous construction
  • Quick to install - 80m+ per day
  • Unaffected by weather during construction
  • No specialist installers required
  • Cost effective

The Masons Intertenancy Wall System has a fire rating of 90/90/90 and estimated laboratory acoustic STC performance of 64 dB where timber framing and lightweight steel framing are used.

Scope and limitations
For scope of use, limitations, conditions and statement of building code compliance, refer to the Masons Intertenancy Wall System pass™.

Scope of use

For use in high density residential/commercial developments such as townhouses, terraced housing and apartments. 


The system utilizes the acoustic and fire stopping benefits of the Masons Enviro™ AAC panel (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) stood between timber or steel framed walls and lined with mineral wool insulation, and standard plasterboard.

This system meets and/or exceeds the New Zealand Building Code’s minimum requirements for both fire resistance rating and sound transmission class. It scored a rating of -/120/120 for walls up to 10 m high. FRR -/120/120 for timber frame, and -/90/90 for light steel framing. Acoustic engineers Marshall Day reported a lab performance of 64 dB – higher than the minimum STC requirement of 55 dB for intertenancy walls.

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