Maxen Kinmont 350 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

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D562 x W615 x H670 mm

Suitable for heating your typical three-bedroom home, the Maxen Kinmont 350 will keep the whole family warm.

Made for Kiwi homes and Kiwi lifestyles, the firebox of this wood fireplace is built from robust 6mm steel to withstand real everyday use.

With an 8mm steel cooktop plate, this fire also gives you a reliable source of heat for cooking during a power outage when other appliances are not up to the task.

Made from Antique Beech timber and finished with a black chrome cap, the Kinmont 350’s Soft-lock Timber Handle glides into place every time and will look good in any home.

Choose from three base options depending on your style, and a range of flues and accessories.

All Maxen Fireplaces come with a standard 15-year firebox warranty to give you good honest warmth – year after year.

  • Category
    Wood Fireplaces, Fireplace Surrounds
  • Range
    Maxen Indoor Wood Fireplace
  • Brand
    Escea Fireplace Company
  • Warranty
    15 years

MODELS Clean Air, Rural

BASE OPTIONS Legs, Wood Stacker, Pedestal

DIMENSIONS 615W x 670H x 562D

HEATING AREA 100-180 m2



EMISSIONS 0.69 g/kg


WATER BOOSTER Optional for Clean Air and Rural


  • Suitable for three-bedroom homes
  • Firebox made from 6mm steel
  • Soft-lock Timber Handle
  • 8mm Cooktop
  • Water Booster (optional)
  • Therma-flue Kit (optional)
  • 15-Year Firebox Warranty
  • Flues and accessories sold separately
SKU: Kinmont 350
Escea Fireplace Company
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Born in the Deep South of New Zealand, Escea Fireplace Company have been offering fireplace options for homes across Australasia since 2002. What initially began as a small Dunedin company is now home to a variety brands offering a wide range of gas, wood and electric fireplaces, all with the same mission in mind – to put a better
fireplace at the heart of every home.

Escea Fireplaces combine sleek design with high efficiency, and the most flexible installation options on the market – flues can run up to 40m long, through the ceiling, walls and even the floor.

MODE luxury fireplaces takes gas fire design to a bold new place, while Spartherm Wood Fires offer exceptional European quality and precision. Ambe Electric Fires gives you the ambience of a real fireplace, without the mess or fuss. Maxen Fireplaces offers a wide range of indoor wood fires made for Kiwi homes and lifestyles.