Ora Ice Bath

Wood Barrel
Tub - H1032 x ⌀963 mm
Steps - H600 x W735 mm

Introducing the Ora ice bath – a fusion of sophistication and functionality, meticulously designed for people who value health and wellness. Embrace the ultimate in cooling luxury with its exquisite wood barrel frame and robust steel inlay, delivering rejuvenation after every plunge.

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    Ora Ice Bath
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    Ora Ice Bath
Scope of use

Transform your wellness haven into a sanctuary of cool with the Ora Ice Bath – where serenity meets sophistication, and every moment is a refreshing escape. Unwind, and stay effortlessly cool with Ora.

  • Stylish Wood Barrel Frame: Crafted with an aesthetic touch, the Ora ice bath features a red cedar wood barrel frame hand made by our manufacturing team.
  • Durable Steel Ice Bath: Immerse yourself in our steel interior ice bath, designed to withstand all elements while maintaining optimal cooling efficiency. The durability from the steel ensures the longevity of your Ora ice bath which stands the test of time.
  • Cools to 3 degrees: Our ice baths can be cooled all the way down to an arctic 3 degrees, suitable for those more daring cold plungers.
  • Ozone filtration system: Ora's ozone filtration system ensures the water you are plunging in, is of the cleanest and highest quality due to the water being constantly filtered through the cooling units ozone system.
  • Touch sensitive temperature control: Adjust the temperature of your Ora ice bath with ease with our touch sensitive control panel. You can also download our App which enables you to adjust the temperature through your smart-phone device.
  • Plug in and go: All you need is a power outlet, and you are ready to go. Our simple plug in and go system is designed to ensure our customers have the most seamless installation experience as possible.
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Is to create a ritual experience that looks the way you feel after every plunge. Our ice baths have been thoughtfully designed by those that practice cold therapy daily, so we understand what’s needed for a truly invigorating experience.

Designed to let your body do the work.

  • Stainless steel bath enclosed in red cedar wood.
  • Ozone sterilization + filtering system.
  • Touch sensitive external chiller.
  • Take a closer lookApp controlled WiFi capable.
  • Can be cooled or heated.
  • Plug in and go.

Activate cold thermogenesis after 3 minutes of Ora Ice Bath exposure. Take your recovery to the next level with a quality ice bath that will last you a lifetime.