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Our original pebble tile inspires this highly innovative new product range.  Precision cutting of glass and marble creates this clean, almost sculptural look but with the same organic flow across the surface from our four-sided interlocking design.

Our original Perfect Pebble tile range is the first and finest mesh-backed pebble tile in the world. Firmly established as an international best-seller, it features our unique seamless interlocking system and is available in an extensive range of colours.

The stones are hand-sorted to ensure only the highest
quality pebbles are used. They are additionally cut and calibrated to achieve an unparalleled consistency in size, colour and flatness.

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    Floor Tiles, Stones and Pebbles, Wall Tiles
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    Island Stone

Tile type: Interlocking
Tile size: 300 x 300mm
Tile thickness: 11mm
Pebble size: 40 - 75mm (*PD = larger)
Weight per M2: 21kg
Tile surface: Natural

SKU: perfect-1
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Why is it that we find flowing water calming, that having plants in our living spaces improves our mood or that we feel so much better after a walk in the fresh air?  Being connected to nature is good for us, we know it intuitively and the research tells us as much.  At a time when we are increasingly disconnected from the world outside our front door, Island Stone gives you the chance to have a slice of nature where you live and work every day.

Our range of tiles and claddings offers a myriad of opportunities to have natural stone as a feature in your next project, whether in a classic, understated way, or where innovative design takes centre stage.

Nothing you will see in the Island Stone range is ‘off the shelf’ – these are our designs and each product must meet our strict quality standards before we put the Island Stone name to it. 

From the earliest conceptual beginnings through to the end-product being available for your next project, Island Stone controls the entire process.   We design it, source the raw material and in most cases produce it in our own purpose-built factories.  Where we don’t make the product ourselves, we form strong partnerships with those who we contract to do it on our behalf.

So, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to talk to us about custom design.  After all, sourcing, cutting and shaping stone is what we do!  Give us a call.