Sub-Zero Professional Refrigerator Side-By-Side With Glass Door W.1219

Sub-Zero Professional Refrigerator Side-By-Side With Glass Door W.1219 is a true masterpiece of preservation. Its glass door, sculpted metal, dual refrigerator with three evaporators and advanced controls marry performance and design in a bold new way for home refrigeration.

So it not only keeps foods magnificently fresh, it brings the whole kitchen tastefully up to date.

The PRO 48 can be built-in or used in a free-standing application.

  • Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes.
  • Install directly within surrounding cabinetry for built-in, or add accessory panels for freestanding
  • Makes an iconic stainless-steel statement, inside and out
  • Dual refrigeration technology preserves refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air
  • Easy access to food with full-extension slide-out glass shelf with adjustable gates
  • Locks in temperature and humidity with soft-close door hinge and magnetic seal on doors and drawers
  • Controls temperature within one degree of setpoint via intuitive exterior touch control panel
  • Automatic ice maker with advanced water filtration system
  • Control brightness with soft-on LED lighting that fully illuminates the cavity, making food more visible and less likely to hide
  • Protects food from spoilage through triple-pane, UV-resistant glass door
  • Category
    Fridges & Freezers
  • Brand
  • Classic Stainless Steel Side by Side with Icemaker (Glass Door) ICB648PROG
  • Dual refrigeration allows separate compressors to maintain optimum conditions for both refrigerator and freezer, so no air moves back and forth from one to the other.
  • A microprocessor gives you better temperature control, defrosting that senses and then adapts to your use patterns, and a routine service indicator.
  • The dairy compartment is adjustable, with one-door access, compartment divider and a clean design.
  • The grille is easy to clean and remove.
  • The controls are up front and are digital instead of mechanical. Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit display.
  • The lighting is bright. It spreads light evenly and conceals its source.
  • The depth is shallower than ordinary refrigerators, giving easy access to the whole compartment.
  • Cantilevered glass shelves allow quick repositioning and easy cleaning. They are also spill-proof.
  • The door and interior shelves are all adjustable.
  • The ice maker will keep you abundantly supplied. And thanks to dual refrigeration, your ice will never taste like fish.
  • Our high-humidity compartment is large, deep and has smooth sides. There is even a removable divider.
  • Sub-Zero equipment is built by hand in the USA. Every single unit is extensively tested to ensure reliability.
  • Refrigerator
  • (Door and 2 Drawers)
  • 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • 1 Stationary Glass Shelf
  • 2 Slide-Out Bins
  • 1 Crisper Lid
  • Dividers for Drawers Included
  • Triple Pane UV Resistant Glass Door
  • Freezer
  • (Door and 2 Drawers)
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • 3 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves
  • 1 Stationary Stainless Steel Shelf
  • Stainless Steel Ice Bucket
  • Full Stainless Steel Clad Kit
  • 90O Door Stop Kit
  • Slide-Out Stainless Steel Refrigerator Bin
  • Refrigerator Drawer Dividers
  • Front & Side Toe Kicks
  • External Water Filter
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