De Gournay Rateau | Wallpaper

Hand-painted wallpaper. Original colourway on Deep, Rich Gold gilded paper.

Inspired by the interiors and screens created for Jeanne Lanvin’s Paris apartment by Armand Rateau on Rue Barbet de Jouy – the culmination of a long collaboration between two remarkable 20th century creatives who shared a deep appreciation of classical antiquity. The scene shows an array of fauna including stags, squirrels, foxes and rabbits running through stylised leaves and aflowers. Rendered in a single tone on a gilded background, the design cleverly uses positive and negative space to create a striking scene.

Photography by Natalie Dinham. Styling by Tara Craig

  • Category
    Wallpapers, Wall Art
  • Brand
    De Gournay
  • Designer
    Armand Rateau
  • Designs are often tailored in order to perfectly fit within your interior by adapting the pattern to work around furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • Colours within the design can be adjusted to match any palette.
  • Different backgrounds can be chosen from our extensive selection of silks, textured papers, and gilded grounds which come in a range of colours, see the full selection here.
  • Fine silk embroidery can be added to all our silk wallpapers, adding an extra level of depth and intricacy. Beading can be applied alongside the embroidery or as a standalone technique. View our embroidered finishes here.
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