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Resene has expanded its range of Resene Colorwood wash options with the launch of the Resene Colorwood ‘We speak beach’ series. These six fresh colourwash hues – Resene Colorwood Breathe Easy, Resene Colorwood Becalm, Resene Colorwood Bask, Resene Colorwood Shore Thing, Resene Colorwood Rising Tide and Resene Colorwood Shade – are inspired by hazy summer days at the beach and a selection of Resene’s most popular weathered colours. The collection is ideal for use on everything from walls and ceilings to flooring, furniture and décor where you want to emulate the soothing, lived-in style of a beloved bach, a haven away from busy everyday life. Choose one hue or combine them together into a palette.

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A growing wave of designers and clients have been seeking out ways to tap into the benefits of biophilic design. This shift back to decorating with honest materials derived from nature, which have been shown to be better for the planet and building users, has made timber an incredibly desirable choice. Not only does wood lend projects longevity and inherent beauty, timber flooring, walls and ceilings marry well with today’s popular pared down silhouettes, minimalist furnishings and Japanese and Scandinavian influences.

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Resene has everything you need for your decorating project, from quality colour and paints, decorating accessories and professional advice to help you get a superb finish on your project inside or out. Choose from thousands of colours or let us create a custom colour match for you. Once you’ve chosen your favourite get it tinted into the Resene product of your choice using Resene’s exclusive non VOC tinters. Complement your paint choices with our wide range of wallpaper, wall decals, curtains and cushions to bring the complete look together.

If you’re painting a dark colour outside, consider opting for a Resene CoolColour™ finish. A Resene CoolColour is made with special pigment technology so it reflects more heat than normal, keeping your paint and home cooler.

We also have an extensive range of wood stains, metallics, clear finishes, specialist and textured finishes to bring out the best in your home.