Upgrade Your Commercial Wine Storage with the Retail Wine Rack System

Your commercial wine storage needs are met with ease and efficiency by our Retail Wine Rack system. This static shelving unit offers full customisation, allowing you to adjust shelf heights to suit your specific requirements. Each shelf is equipped with a lip at the front, ensuring that your bottles are securely held in place for your peace of mind.

Whether you choose to display your bottles flat or at an angle, our Wine Rack System provides the flexibility you need. With the option to expand by adding extra shelving bays, you can rest assured that storage space will never be an issue. The reinforced shelf design can support up to 200kg per shelf, giving you the confidence to store your collection without any concerns.

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    Office Storage Solutions, Wine Racks & Cellars, Retail Shelving Units
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    Wall Shelving
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    5 years
Scope of use

Retail, Commercial and Home 

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About the

Lundia is a range of modular shelving designed in Sweden for both commercial and residential projects. A simple Scandinavian aesthetic, it is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest quality and environmental standards, and tailored to the needs of the customer.

At Lundia, we have a biophilic design ethos. We take advantage of the power of nature to improve our indoor environments and transform any setting - whether work, home, or school - into a space where people want to be.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of adjustment - No tools are required, simply relocate the shelf pin to the new location and install the shelf or accessory to the desired height location.
  •  Load bearing - Lundia's unique shelf design can carry up to 200kg each.
  • Multiple size combinations - Lundia manufacturers a vast range of standard sizes to fit your space and storage requirements.