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Rinnai INFINITY N-Series Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

The Rinnai INFINITY N-Series are condensing* gas continuous flow water heaters designed for commercial applications and high hot water demand residential installations.

Available as an external unit (N56kWe) or an internal unit (N56kWi).


  • Full stainless steel heat exchanger and internal piping
  • Inverted burner → longer service intervals (burner cleaning no longer required)
  • Inbuilt control panel, parameters easily set
  • Pump connectivity, the N-Series can power and control a circulating ring main
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor, unit can run in-series with a circulating ring main
  • Pre-mix burner, no gas pressure setting required → very easy gas-type conversion
  • Daisy-chain electronic connection, very simple (and low cost) electronic connections
  • Powerful fan allows a lower cost common flue to be installed (available ex-stock)

* Condensing technology utilises a secondary heat exchanger to drive further thermal efficiency by extracting heat from combusted flue gases, making the N-Series models 97% efficient.

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