ShadowDeck Kwila Dome Decking Timber 140 x 21mm


ShadowDeck Kwila Dome Timber is the unique decking timber solution available through Shadow Deck for a DNA certified lumber.

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The timber itself is a Kiln Dried Kwila, available in standard sizing of 140 x 21 mm size, with its unique dome shape to ensure water sheds from the deck and helps prevent cupping of the timber in the future.

The ShadowDeck Kwila Dome Timber comes pre-grooved and pre-oiled to use with the ShadowDeck system to achieve a truly nail-less, hidden fastener decking solution system.

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ShadowDeck™ has been New Zealand’s leading decking system for more than eleven years and continues to set the standard for nail-free timber decks.

Founder Darrel Grace is a veteran of 29 years within the New Zealand building industry and has extensive experience and knowledge of the building trades both here and internationally, having worked as far afield as London, Japan, Australia and the USA.

For years, Darrel was frustrated and annoyed watching quality hardwood decking deteriorating prematurely due to the traditional drill, nail and punch techniques of deck-building. Timber expands and contracts naturally – this causes nails and screws to pop and causes the timber to split. Darrel also noticed that the rusting of the nails marred decking timber, and the uneven gaps between the decking diminished the look of the quality hardwood.

When Darrel decided he wanted to build his deck at his picturesque Titirangi home, he decided he wanted nothing less than a flawless deck, and so he set about designing the Shadow Hidden Deck Fastener. This desire for a perfect deck finish became an all-consuming passion for him, and three years on, Darrel designed and created the ultimate solution for creating the perfect Kiwi deck. Through Darrel's sheer determination and hard work, he is now delighted to offer New Zealanders a revolutionary improvement to how their decks can be finished flawlessly.

With a proven track record of high customer satisfaction throughout New Zealand, ShadowDeck™ products are expertly engineered to withstand the elements and corrosion better than any other products on the market.

Architects who specify and builders who use ShadowDeck™ construct award-winning and longer-lasting timber decks with an unbeatable finish.

The finish amazes customers who have installed ShadowDeck™. Since introducing Shadow Hidden Deck Fasteners to the New Zealand market – Darrel has been thrilled with the massive, positive response to his product and has been overwhelmed with demand by Kiwis wanting the perfect deck.

When Darrel has downtime from helping Kiwis with their decks, you can find him sitting on his deck in Titirangi, enjoying the sound of the tuis and wood pigeons while spending time with friends and family.

To get the perfect deck call Darrel directly at 0800 SHADOW (0800 742 369) or email him at