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The Snib is an active engagement of tactility, repeating the cylindric typology, its minimal scale connecting to a wider design language. The snib reveals a simple turning gesture that heroes reduction and utility in design. The compact cylinder operates the fastening; the open and closed positions continue the minimalist aesthetic in either action a joy and satisfaction to be discovered.

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    Bankston x Edition Office

With each touch, the snib will age, becoming a product of the building and the people within it thanks to the patina. The unique design and innovative approach to the functionality of the snib ties in with Casts highly considered approach and methodology; to design original architectural hardware that breaks the mould on expectations.

Casts by Bankston Architectural + Edition Office is a judicious edit of geometry and form. The curated collection of architectural hardware has a clear identity, with each piece sharing linked language and typology.

This product is supplied with a wood screws, grub screws and 2 spindle options. Snib is available in 3 finishes.

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Forging its distinct identity, Bankston explores the boundaries of architectural hardware design. Balancing rigour and nuanced subtleties, our finishing touches are engineered to maintain long-lasting impressions and secure connections between spaces and the people who inhabit them. Complementing an array of domestic and commercial settings, our collections offer streamlined clarity, meticulously focusing on the finer details to create contemporary icons. 

Bankston. Finishes that connect.