DESIGN: neunzig° design / 2014

DESCRIPTION: A series of mirrors characterised by a white inward bevelled frame, with sides inclined by 45°, and an external finishing in solid wood or Silcover. The mirror is placed in the middle of the frame detached from the back thus creating a suspended effect and hiding the lighting system. This results in the light being diffused from behind the mirror onto the whole of the surrounding frame.
The bottom part of the frame becomes a practical shelf for small bathroom objects.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Structure in aluminium which supports the central illumination and frame in wood or Silcover, used as a diffusor.

LED strip light, low consumption, temperature 2700°k.

W. 1200, d. 87, H. 900 mm.
W. 1800, d. 87, H. 900 mm.
W. 900, d. 87, H. 1200 mm.
W. 1800, d. 87, H. 1800 mm.

" Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Around the mirror is a narrow, wooden frame which is coated and bevelled on the inner side which acts as a reflector for the LED light that is located behind the mirror. The effect is a gentle, homogenious glow around the mirror.
The bottom edge acts as a narrow shelf. The choice of materials results in an interesting contrast between warm colour and cold glass. When looking into a mirror, we all want to look beautiful. While we look we remember "mirror,mirror on the wall.............."and we see ourselves wrapped in light, like a star. With its minimalistic design, the mirror is simple and stark by day but by night is transformed into something magical.” neunzig° design

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