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Spiro-Flex Flexible Duct

Spiro-flex is a super lightweight flexible, compressible air duct consisting of fibreglass reinforced aluminised PET foil tape, helically wound to encapsulate a spring steel wire. It can be supplied plain or insulated. In its insulated form it is sheathed with a printed, flame retarded, seamless outer sleeve. This duct has the ability to conform to any desired duct route and its cross-section may be deformed.

Spiro-flex does not retain any configuration it is formed to, being of non-metallic construction and has the advantage of compressibility for convenient packaging. A length of three metres of insulated duct can easily be compressed by hand to 300mm and when released after storage, immediately returns to its original length.

Spiro-flex complies with AS4254, “Ductwork for air handling systems in buildings” and with the New Zealand Building Code requirements given in C3: Spread of Fire. The test results for Spiro-flex, both plain and insulated, are: Ignitability 0, spread of flame 0, heat evolved 0 and smoke developed 1. These tests were carried out in accordance with AS1530.3. “Simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release”.

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