Springtime Outdoor Side Table by B&B Italia

The Springtime line of furnishings includes two tables and a large vase.These three elements stand out for the bright white colouring of Cristalplant Outdoor®, an innovative and highly textured material that is exceptionally smooth and soft to the touch, making it possible to forge continuous, rounded shapes with no corners or joints. Designed for use outdoors but also ideal for interior projects, the Springtime furnishings enrich the collection of sofas and chaise longues of the same name.

Designed by: Jean-Marie Massaud
Manufactured by: B&B Italia 

  • Category
    Outdoor Accessories, Side Tables
  • Range
    B&B Italia
  • Brand
    B&B Italia
  • Designer
    Jean-Marie Massaud
  • Year


  • Frame and top Cristalplant Outdoor® (natural mineral filler of phosphate of aluminium with polyester acrylate resin)
  • Ferrules thermoplastic material
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