Staerk Acetic Cure Sealant 531

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Silicone sealant 531 is a one component acetic cured product. It shows superior weather resistance, waterproof performance and high adhesion to most of the building materials: glass, coated aluminium, wood, glazed ceramic tiles, fibreglass, vitreous enamel and most laminated surfaces. Ideal for sealing around tiles, bathtubs, shower stalls, wall fixtures, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, glass windows, skylights, etc.

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Waterproof – Indoor / Outdoor – Mould Resistant – 20y. Guarantee

Scope of use

Ceramic Tile Grouting 

  • Elastic waterproof seal of vinyl, tiles, and laminated flooring to walls. 

Sealing connection joints between ceramic tiles, showers, baths 

  • Sealing between bathtubs and tiles 
  • Sealing Shower enclosures 
  • Waterproof seal for the basin and vanity 

Doors & Windows 

  • Sealing and waterproofing glass to windows and door frames. 
  • Waterproofing and bonding of glass shower enclosures. 
  • For assembly and joining glass curtain walls in office spaces.

UV Resistant

This specialized sealer for glass was made to withstand the harshest NZ environments with extreme UV and temperature resistance (-40 C – 150 C).


With excellent adhesion strength and elasticity, this waterproof seal will withstand high stress and severe conditions indoors and outdoors.

Mould Resistant

This RTV-1 sealant will prevent any mould growth which makes it superb for all glass applications in wet and humid areas.

20y. Guarantee

Against cracking, peeling or crumbling under proper usage. We give one of the longest and most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

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