Staerk Fill All Gaps Multi Purpose Filler

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This acrylic multi purpose filler, with its high quality and long lasting features is perfect for many jobs such as filling cracks and holes. It can adhere to most substrates and it has an fungal agent to prevent mould in high humidity areas. It requires minimal tools, produces no fumes and is very easy to clean up so the job can be done quicker and more efficiently. This filler is the necessary tool for all professional painters and DIYers.

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    Adhesives and Sealants
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Weather Resistance – Paintable – Superior Elasticity – 20y. Guarantee

Scope of use

Exterior Cladding & Blocks Works 

  • Creates a nice smooth finish in gaps on weatherboards & exterior cladding. 
  • Will fill and waterproof all cracks and joints on blocks and brickworks. 

Roof, Gutters & Windows 

  • Paintable filler for in between roof panels and flashings. 
  • Will fill and bond all gutters and downpipe connections. 
  • Fills and seals the gaps between window and door frames to exterior. 

Basements, Spa & Pool Areas 

  • A waterproof filler for all basements with cracks and holes. 
  • For all the joins around the pool and spa wet areas. 

Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundries 

  • In between tops and cabinetry and the walls. 
  • Filling and sealing wall and flooring corners for tiles or other materials. 
  • Waterproofing gaps between baths, shower trays, and toilets with tiles. 

Skylights, Ducts & Vents 

  • Filling all types of openings or connections in extreme heat and moisture conditions like skylights, ducts, and vents.

Weather Resistant

High tensile strength and forming a strong bond with most building materials are the main features of this versatile product.

Indoor / Outdoor

It has excellent weather-resistant properties and it is able to perform great in different temperatures. It can be used in any environment.

Less Mechanical Fasteners

Low shrinkage and bonding to many surfaces make it absorb the thermal movement. With this, you can use less mechanical fasteners.

20y. Guarantee

Against cracking, peeling or crumbling under proper usage. We give one of the longest and most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

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