Staerk Heavy Duty Packing Tape

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Steark Heavy Duty Packaging Tape is engineered for high demanding packing and sealing. We use superior materials like extra thick shock resistant film and the latest technology adhesives to give maximum strength when used. It will adhere to almost any surface and material and will withstand even the greatest exposure and stress in the shipping and transport industry. You can trust this product will exceed your highest expectations.

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    Adhesives and Sealants
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    Packing Tapes
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Length: 48mm x 50metres 68 mic / Sealing, Bonding, Strapping / Strong and Durable

Scope of use

This tape is purposely made for the shipping and transport industry e.g. Long distance house removal packaging and wrapping, fixing and bundling fragile items and many other uses.

Packing and sealing final product in manufacturing industry e.g. wrapping the cardboard or plastic protection film, sealing the packaging boxes and fixing different products together.

For international courier or freight industry e.g. it will safely secure and seal any type of packaging for airfreight or seafreight and protect from moisture and mechanical shock.

Perfect for the trade and retail industry e.g. whereby you need extra strong seal and wrap on boxes or securing bundles of products.

  • Easy to tear by hand 
  • Long removal time (up to 5 days) 
  • Multipurpose applications 
  • Can be used inside and outside 
  • Specialized glue will adhere to many different types of surfaces
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