Staerk Outdoor Use Masking Tape

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Is made from high quality crepe paper with special water base adhesives to give a great bond to a wide range of surfaces surfaces (from smooth to rough). Its is strong and will resist or not bleed most chemicals and paints and will give you clean and sharp professional lines. It is great for everyday use in the home or office space or as a professional product for the trades.

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    Adhesives and Sealants
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    Masking Tapes
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Length: 18mm x 50metres 155 mic / Sealing, Bonding, Strapping / Strong and Durable

Scope of use

Masking the two substrates before applying sealant into joints, this will allow you to have perfect and clean joint finish e.g. corners floors and walls, between benchtops and walls or cabinets, between doors, windows frames and walls and many other uses.

For masking prior to spray painting or general painting to create clean finish lines e.g. masking around windows or doors or kitchens, bathrooms & laundries, in automotive industry before painting.

For sealing and strapping packaging boxes e.g. house removals, storage situations or craft packing.

To help keep substrates together while adhesive is curing e.g. cabinet making, furniture assembling or general hobbies.

  • Easy to tear by hand 
  • Long removal time (up to 5 days) 
  • Multipurpose applications 
  • Can be used inside and outside 
  • Specialized glue will adhere to many different types of surfaces
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