StoTherm Masonry Insulation

With over 50 years of system development and testing, StoTherm external wall insulation systems lead the way in energy-efficient facades, for both new-build and refurbishment projects. Wrapping the building in a thermally-resistant envelope; saving energy, preventing CO2 emissions and providing a healthy living environment.

StoTherm Armat Masonry Insulation is a BRANZ-appraised, high-performance insulation and render system installed over masonry construction. The system includes StoTherm Panels, StoTherm Anchors and uPVC flashings to lock into junctions and joinery forming a neat weathertight seal. Render application includes a mineral-basecoat render, followed by StoArmat synthetic render with fibreglass mesh, providing engineered reinforcement to reliably dissipate tensile, seismic and shear stress. Finished in your choice of Stolit coloured finishing render and StoColor facade paint or clear sealer.

Installations are carried out by a Sto Registered Contractor (Licensed Building Practitioner), with the added protection of a StoArmat 15 or 20 Year Warranty with StoService Assurance, ensuring the materials used and application meets building code standards, including a service plan for long-term security.

Sto, a world leader in manufacturing insulated render systems, has provided over 150 million square metres of insulated cladding to date and has been tried and tested in every climate around the world for proven insulation performance.


  • BRANZ Appraisal No. 604
  • 15 or 20-year warranty with maintenance schedule
  • External dew point
  • Combats condensation and mould
  • Designed with minimal thermal conductivity and thermal bridging
  • Installation by Sto Registered Contractor (Licensed Building Practitioner)
  • Very high crack resistance
  • Highly weather-resistant
  • StoFlexy meshed waterproofing for horizontal surfaces and foundations
  • Breathable and vapour permeable
  • Existing and new buildings up to high-rise level
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    Insulation, Render Plaster Systems
  • Range
    Insulation Systems
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Synonymous with rendered facades, Sto is a company with worldwide experience in exterior insulation, renders and coatings. Sto has built a reputation for providing compliant, weathertight and highly durable exterior rendered facade systems, with a unique range of textured finishes, that extend the life-cycle of the building facade.

As the authorised partner of Sto for Australasia, we are committed to the Sto philosophy. "Building with conscience".

Sto Render and Facade Systems are tested and appraised by BRANZ to surpass New Zealand's tough environmental conditions. Installed by our experienced network of Sto registered LBP Contractors, and have the added protection of the StoWarranty with StoService Assurance program. Protecting you and the property investment.