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Straightcurve Raised Gardens | Retaining Walls options allow you to construct and brace raised garden beds and retaining walls into the soil, hard surfaces including concrete or to itself!

Flexline and Rigidline 240mm, 400mm or 560mm can be braced for large raised gardens that require one-sided retaining. Using Straightcurve's bracing straps is ideal when making extended long planters with our Zero Flex product. This is for planters over 1.2m, utilizing our straight extension connector allows the design to be as long or wide as you want!  Zero Flex 400mm and 560mm can be braced to create one-side-sided retaining, perfect for raised gardens.

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    Straightcurve Garden Edging
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Straightcurve Garden Edging
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New to New Zealand, this is the most complete range of steel garden edging and modular planters. STRAIGHTCURVE!

Looking for the weathered (rusted patina) steel look for your garden, well it has arrived. Straightcurve Garden Edging is now available in New Zealand.

Ideal for edging, features zones, planters and more. This comprehensive range of steel garden edging starts with a 75mm profile through to our tallest profile of 560mm. All sizes are stocked in both Weathering Steel (rusted patina as per corten steel) and Galvanised Steel.

Cleverly engineered, Straightcurve has profiles that are designed to; flex and curve, or hold an extremely straight or angular profile, we even have a modular concept to build your own planters, walls, steps etc.

At Straightcurve, we have dedicated ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit almost any garden and environment.

We have developed the best possible edging solutions that is DIY friendly and meets the requirements of high-end landscaping companies. We use the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques; our products are almost entirely CNC made (computer-controlled manufacturing). Not only does this reduce costs, it also guarantees that each product is made with a tolerance of no more than +/- 0.1mm. This means that precision is assured so your products will always fit!

Any Shape

Our flexible edging, which we refer to as Flexline, is so flexible and easy to work with that you’re only limitation is your own imagination. Flexline, gives when it needs to give, and flows effortlessly. This may sound obvious, but it has a unique quality that sets us apart from others. No other metal edging product flexes so evenly, giving an amazing result, every time with so little effort.

Come and see why we fell in love with this product the first time we saw it!

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