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From concrete blocks to specific concrete structures, Allied Concrete are experts when it comes to all types of structural concrete. With a wide range of strengths and varying properties to meet the design requirements, structural concrete can be used for everything from residential driveways, paths, building foundations to multi-story buildings and complex infrastructures such as bridges, dams, and tunnels.

Allied Concrete has developed a range of specific concrete mix designs that enable us to match your requirements with the performance expectations of the concrete.

Our highly experienced and qualified team carefully selects the correct coarse aggregates and sand, use the right amount of cement, water, and several different chemical admixtures to give your concrete the right properties for your given application or specification and improve ease of placement.

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About the

Allied Concrete, a family-owned business established in 1976, has become one of New Zealand's leading concrete suppliers, renowned for dependable service, innovation, and high-quality concrete solutions. With over 50 ready mix plants and a modern fleet of 400 trucks, Allied Concrete supplies all sectors of the New Zealand construction industry.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our range of decorative solutions that are both affordable and eco-friendly. Our ecrete range, which incorporates recycled materials and offers industry-leading substitution of cement, exemplifies our dedication to sustainability.

Allied Concrete's decorative solutions include a range of polished, colored, exposed, and photoluminescent aggregate concrete mixes and finishes, perfect for driveways, paths, patios, and internal floors.

In addition to decorative solutions, we offer READY Flooring and Foundation solutions that are CodeMark-Certified, providing savings without compromising on quality. Our range includes the READY Super Slab, an above-ground engineered raft foundation flooring system, and the READY Floor, Australasia's only CodeMark-Certified steel fiber-reinforced concrete flooring system.

As part of the HW Richardson Group of Companies, with its head office located in Invercargill, Allied Concrete is committed to delivering top-quality concrete solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.