Rug Collection By Tammy Kanat

The latest collection to arrive at Artisan is truly stunning. Designed by Tammy Kanat these rugs bring together traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design and colour. Tammys weaving story is a good one. In 2011, after 12 years as a jewellery designer, she enrolled in the Australian Tapestry Workshop to learn the complex skill of tapestry weaving. Her 2014 exhibition, the spirit which consisted of hand-woven wall art, vessels, and sculptures, established her as an intuitive and original textile artist. 

Tammy has gained international recognition through social media for her vibrant uplifting work and has since produced commissions for local and international clients. She believes weaving is an evolving and timeless art form and an enchanting way to share the impact of her surroundings. Constructed from Tibetan highland wool, nettle, and silk, these rugs are stunningly textured with sometimes subtle and sometimes vibrant coloured design. Stock and custom sizes are available.

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With 40 years of experience in the luxury flooring and interior finishes market, Artisan are the best people to help you make the right decision on product, texture and colour. Our design consultants will listen carefully to your design brief and source the very best product fit for purpose and within budget. Artisan hand-pick natural, sustainable raw materials such as wool, timber, coir and sisal to manufacture products that are durable and retain their looks with age. Through this authentic approach, coupled with a refined and timeless design aesthetic, we skillfully create welcoming interiors, contributing beauty, warmth and comfort.

Ethical Production.

Our handmade rugs are all ethically produced, we work with our suppliers to ensure no child labour is used in our production and that fair and ethical working conditions are maintained.

To provide an essence of how rugs are produced by many of our suppliers, we would like to recite the incredibly apt words of world famous rug designer, Lila Valaden.

"The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest cultural achievements of many nations. The complete process is based on an old tradition allowing nomads a self- sufficient and sustainable way of life. Contributing to maintaining this age-old craft, whilst supporting local communities, families and education. For us, sustainability is not just a word. It sits at the heart of how we trade and produce carpets around the world."

Natural Materials.

Our natural fibre flooring is imported from exotic destinations around the world. Sisal, extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant, is grown in Brazil, Mexico, China and Africa. Jute is made from the root of giant corchorus plants grown in Bangladesh. Seagrass is collected from the paddy fields and riverbanks of China and Vietnam. And Coir, a fibre hand removed from the coconut husk, is grown on the swaying palms of India.

Once Sisal, Seagrass, and Jute are harvested, the fibres are graded for length and quality. Then after colouring and drying in the sun, they are spun into yarn or cords suitable for weaving. Coir, the toughest fibre, is first softened in seawater lagoons and pounded into a soft filament, ready for spinning into yarns. The spools of yarn are then woven on jacquard looms, a slow delicate process, best for producing the beautiful and intricate patterns and designs. Some Sisal is exported to Belgium and the Netherlands for weaving, but the majority of the other yarns are woven in the counties where it is grown. A natural rubber latex backing is applied for dimensional stability Strength and Performance.