TEMPOFLUX 3 With Recessed housing - Toilet Flushing

The TEMPOFLUX 3 is the ideal solution for any public building. It is designed to ensure that both hygiene and performance are achieved. With its recessed housing, it is easy to install and maintain, offering the perfect combination of convenience and instantaneous, on-demand flushing. All of which makes it the perfect choice for any public building, hotel or apartment.

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Compatible with thick wall finishes up to 120mm. Integrated stopcock, flush volume adjustment, activation unit and cartridge are all accessible from the front.

Scope of use

This is a high efficiency product. It should be paired with appropriate sanitary ware. Please speak with our sales team to ensure this will be suitable for your project.


• With 4.5L/3L and 6L/3L dual fluish options

• Servicing access and easy maintence

• On demand flushing for high challenging facilities

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Bathrooms for public buildings have a unique set of requirements.  

Unlike residential environments these bathrooms can be subject to intermittent, intensive use by a range of diverse users over short and long periods of time. Solutions need to provide robust, efficient and cost effective whole-of-life outcomes. Hydraulic design with the appropriate behind and front-of-wall fittings are vital for the long term viability of a commercial bathroom. 

With over 55 years experience in the design, specification, supply and installation of bathrooms for hospitals, schools, prisons, shopping malls, swimming pools, marae's, public buildings, sports stadiums, airports and public toilets Macdonald Industries has seen it all.  

Our Technical Consultants are available to support Architects, Engineers, Plumbers and installers through the most complex of installations.

Our customers demand;

- reliability
- recognised performance
- efficiency
- robustness and
- cost effectiveness.

MacDonald Industries manufacture bespoke solutions such as Warden, Waterguard and Solo electronic water controllers and choose their supply partners from leaders around the world such as Delabie, KWC-Franke, RAK, ASI, WISA and Zurn Wilkins .