A hot water cylinder that typically saves up to 10% on your water heating bill!

This revolutionary hot water cylinder learns a households behaviour and only heats what's needed, saving you on water heating!

What is it?
The way that a traditional electric hot water cylinder works means that you are paying to heat all of the water in your cylinder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. The Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ has a smart thermostat which learns the pattern of hot water use, and then only heats the water when it knows it's going to be needed.

It's easy to use too with an LCD control pad, simply set and forget. 

Suitable for residential indoor water heating applications—mains and low pressure systems.

A Smart cylinder is ideal for households that have a regular pattern of hot water use, as consistency is key. Also there is some interaction needed with the Smart controller, which is mounted on the cylinder. Easy access to the cylinder and controller is important.

Smart Cylinders are not suitable as a pool or spa heater, or for connection to an open loop solar or hot water heat pump system.

Water quality
Rinnai cylinders are made to suit most NZ council water supplies. However some water supplies can have a detrimental effect on the cylinder, its operation and life expectancy. Stainless steel cylinders ARE NOT suitable for bore or tank water.

Water supplies with a high level of calcium carbonate (hard water) can cause scaling on hot surfaces. We recommend a water temperature of no more than 65 ºC to minimise scale build-up. Scale reducing or water softening devices should be considered in hard water areas. The cylinder is not guaranteed against damage due to scaling.

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