Venti 20 Accessories by Gessi

Great design has emotional power and an innate ability to instill beauty into everyday objects. Venti20 captures that essence and allows us to rediscover the grace and invigorating spirit of the “Roaring Twenties,” drawing inspiration from that remarkable era to bring the “spirit of the age” to the modern world with all its energy, optimism and joy.

With carefully dosed retro notes, yet doing away with nostalgic replicas, the Venti20 Col- lection breathes new life into signature elements the ‘20s are known for – the detailing, the iconic style, the playful essence. The collection ingests the enthusiasm for life and future-looking optimism of that era and infuses it into the most private spaces of contemporary living. In this visionary outlook lies the recipe for a new appreciation of style and improvement to people’s lives today.

The choice of a particular color or line, like a precious jewel, captivates you in the moment and inspires you for a lifetime.

  • Category
    Other Accessories, Toilet Roll Holders, Soap Dishes & Dispensers
  • Range
  • Brand
  • Designer
    Lázaro Rosa-Violán
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