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Viking Mercury FC Tanking System

Viking Mercury FC is a damp-proofing and tanking system that protects the below-ground portion of a building structure from water ingress.

This torch-on system, consists of a polyester and fibreglass modified bitumen membrane that can be used for vertical and horizontal waterproofing applications.

It is applied as a single layer down to a depth of 3.5 metres, but when installed as a double layer, can go down to 10m below ground level. Typical applications include: under floor slabs; behind masonry walls and on substrates of in-situ or pre-cast concrete.

Viking Mercury FC is manufactured with a SBS rubberised bitumen compound that renders excellent cold flexibility, down to (-20°C) degrees; preventing splitting or cracking in extreme conditions.

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For all Viking Mercury FC specification documents, CAD details, product technical statements, and BRANZ certificates click here.

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