Vulcan 6kW (Rectangle) Industrial Space Heater

L1290 x W255 x H110 mm - 8.7kg
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Herschel’s Vulcan 6kW Infrared workshop heaters are designed to heat large spaces like workshops and warehouses. They offer considerable advantages to operators seeking alternatives to gas or convection-based heating systems:

  • Vulcan provides heat exactly where and when you want it. Used to heat specific zones within a large space;
  • No air movement;
  • Pollution free – Vulcan does not emit any fumes and does not require additional ventilation;
  • Powerful – designed for industrial use;
  • Covers large areas from high installation heights

The Vulcan provides for higher installation heights, better heat production in colder / higher altitude locations and a larger heated area. With a choice of wall or ceiling mounting, Vulcan offers a powerful heating option for industrial applications. Vulcan can be:

  • Mounted direct to the ceiling (brackets supplied) or;
  • Ceiling suspended via wire suspension kits (an optional wire suspension kit can be purchased from a recommended supplier. Please contact Herschel for further information) or
  • Wall mounted (brackets supplied).

For switching the heaters on, use a 3-phase thyristor with zero cross. Herschel also offer specialised PLC controls where multiple heaters are installed (please contact Herschel for details).

Always refer to the installation instructions before installing.

Wiring suspension and ceiling fittings must be capable of holding 4 times the heater weight.

The Vulcan 6 kW infrared workshop heater is ideal for industrial units wishing to avoid using fully convection-based or gas-based blower systems.

Always refer to Herschel for an accurate assessment of your heating requirements.

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    Infrared Heaters
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    Industrial Space Heater
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    2 years

The Vulcan can be installed pointing vertically downwards from heights upwards of 3.5m above the ground (refer to instructions).

The Vulcan ‘L’ models can also be wall-mounted at 3.5m or above and angled downwards between 20 – 30˚ (refer to instructions).

380 – 415V 3-phase power must be used to power the Vulcan Heaters and installation must be performed by a commercial electrician. Do not exceed 415V as this will significantly shorten the operating life of the lamps.

The Vulcan Industrial Heaters have no built-in controls. Please discuss control options with Herschel during the estimating phase of your heating project.

Purchase price includes the first set of lamps.

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