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Custom - D1 x W1 x H1 x ⌀1 mm - 1L

Guthrie Bowron is proud to bring you Walls Beyond. Walls Beyond is a European brand which focuses on creating inspirational wallpaper in the form of wall art.

It is modern, sleek, on-trend and offers a wallpaper material choice like no other – each base material offering its own spirit and radiance.

There are 2 x types of print:

• Latex print is used mainly on textile and nonwoven wallpapers and creates a look of painting rather than printing and is completely odourless.

• UV print is used on the vinyl wallpapers giving bright and saturated colours. It is also the most resilient material to scratching, cleaning detergents, dirt, food and drinks. This paper is perfect for high traffic areas.

All the designs offered can be adapted to suit the required space - in size, proportion, composition, and colour gamma.

All that is required is the wall size and the selected design. It is important to also provide any information regarding the interior space – e.g., columns, doorways, windows, fixed furniture.

Walls Beyond will provide 2 x adaptation options. If necessary, more options can be provided. If specific colours need to be matched, print tests can be provided for approval prior to making the wallpaper.

All the materials have antistatic elements and neither attract nor keep dust on them.

Walls Beyond will assist with the most appropriate material based on the specifics of the space.

There are several compositions available in the wallpaper:

Three compositions in narrow width:

120cm width - Textured Non-Woven

Available in both Cotton and Leather. Both are matte and reflect the colours brightly and correctly. They are installed with non-visible joins.

135cm width -Textured vinyl wallpapers

Various textures available. Vinyl wallpapers are well suited for heavy duty walls as well as wet and humid spaces. Often selected for walls where functionality is not a priority, their textures beautifully enrich the design.

138cm width - 100% Natural Silk with a nonwoven paper backing.

This material has the most delicate look after printing. Matte but glowing. Installed with hardly visible joins.

Seven compositions available in the wide width – all can be installed seamlessly.

280cm wide -Seamless 100% Natural Silk (continuous)

This is a very rare material. All the nobility of the natural silk.

280cm wide -Seamless Linen

Beautiful natural textile wallpaper material. Very thick. The composition is linen, polyester and viscose. Its textile look is very visible from a distance even after print and brings natural feel and look to the room it is installed in. Complete matte.

280cm wide - Seamless Silk in 100% Polyester

Best-seller among textile wallpaper materials. The composition of the top is polyester, but it looks and feels like natural silk. The Seamless Silk glows slightly more than the Natural silk, holds colour well.

280cm wide - Seamless Tat

Second-best selling textile wallpaper material. Its thread is thick, very tight and well organised. Vivid colour representation. Very strong textile looks - slightly less than the linen. Complete matte.

280cm wide - Seamless Silver

A new chic bestseller. The material is metallic silver and every colour printed on it produces a metallic look. The yellow looks gold. The material is stunning and brings amazing and unique look. Very chic, modern and stylish. Glowing rather than shining.

280cm & 301cm wide - Seamless Nonwoven – 100% non-woven

Very thick, soft and touches as plush. It gives very bright print quality, still – soft and delicate. Complete matte.

320cm wide - Seamless Vinyl Linen

The ideal material for office, public spaces, hotels, pools, restaurants, large walls where there is high volume of foot traffic. Very fine linen texture, extremely strong and resilient. Can be installed seamlessly. Complete matte.


Design adaptation: 3-4 days; Print tests: 1 week;

Wallpaper production: 1 week

Minimum 3 weeks turn around plus freight.

Pricing: Priced on an individual basis.

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Scope of use

Seamless customisable wall murals suitable for residential or commercial spaces.

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