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This glass panel WX Series Four Drawer Fridge is the flagship of multi drawer refrigeration, available in 470L or 700L capacities.

Made in Japan, it features separate fully customisable temperature zones including the Vitalight Humidity Drawer and the Versa Freezer Drawer designed to keep all kinds of food fresher for longer. Inverter Technology ensures optimum temperature management while saving power, longer-lasting freshness, and unparalleled whisper quietness.

Available in White Diamond or Metallic Silver with a striking glass panel finish, there is a colour option to make a statement in any kitchen.

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    Fridges & Freezers
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    Multi Drawer Fridge Range
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    Mitsubishi Electric
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Model Name: WX700 Glass Panel Four Drawer Multi Drawer Fridge
Dimensions: 800W x 748D x 1821H mm
Weight: 150kg Gross / 142kg Net
Capacity: 743 litres

Model Name: WX470 Glass Panel Four Drawer Multi Drawer Fridge
Dimensions: 650W x 709D x 1696H mm
Weight: 112kg Gross / 119kg Net
Capacity: 470 litres

Key Features

Glass Door Panels make a style statement in your kitchen:

  • The WX Series in White Diamond and Metallic Silver feature stunning glass flat panel doors, presenting a striking finish.
  • The toughened glass panels not only look great, they are easy to clean and are dent resistant!

Our unique slimline design maximises internal space:

  • The WX Series features its most advanced insulation yet; specifically designed to maximise food storage while maintaining a slim, sleek external profile.
  • The ‘Vacuum Insulation Panels’ (VIP) are thinner and 10x more efficient than conventional insulation.
  • The result is a larger internal capacity for maximum food storage space while maintaining smaller external dimensions for a slimmer, more compact design.

Whisper quiet operation that’s ideal for open plan living:

  • Rated at only 15dBA - its the quietest in its class!*
    *700L Capacity Four Drawer Refrigerator

Vitalight Humidity Drawer keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer:

  • Slow down the wilting process of leafy greens and maintain their original vitamin and antioxidant levels with the unique Vitalight Amber LED Lighting System.
  • Fruit and vegetables stored in this specifically designed Humidity Drawer with its integrated Vitalight Amber LED System will last significantly longer in comparison to conventional vegetable crisper bins.

Clean Tray Technology for optimum hygiene:

  • The Vitalight Humidity Drawer also features an easy-clean removable lining tray with a patented non-stick coating that prevents dirt and other materials sticking to it.

Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker so you always have fresh, clean ice:

  • As there is no separate plumbing connection required, this cost-effective approach to ice making means the fridge can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, not just near existing pipework.
  • Simply fill the removable tank and the ice maker is ready to go.

Advanced Inverter Technology with Neuro Fuzzy Logic for increased energy efficiency:

  • The use of super-efficient Inverter Technology combined with eight monitored temperature sensors installed throughout the refrigerator makes the WX Series one of the most efficient in New Zealand.
  • The WX can accurately control the temperature of each drawer to ensure optimal customisation and minimal temperature fluctuations.
  • With Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the WX learns from and adapts to your lifestyle, optimising output for unparalleled energy efficiency.

Multipurpose Double Sliding Utility Case – ideal for entertaining:

  • The top case is ideal for storing deli items such as meats, cheeses and dips.
  • In Supercool Chilling Mode, the bottom case is perfect for storing fresh meats and fish for up to 7 days without freezing. This also serves as additional chilling space for beverages.

Multifunctional Versa Freezer Drawer to preserve food, texture, and taste:

  • Offering advanced freezing options such as Soft Freezing, Hot Freezing and Supercool Freezing for ultimate convenience and versatility.

Freezer Drawer with a top-down view for easy food organisation:

  • A convenient sliding top tray is ideal for large flat-pack or frequently accessed items and is easily pushed back to reveal the large bin for bulky items.
  • The bin can also be completely removed for easy cleaning.
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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for both residential homes and commercial buildings. The ability to offer next generation technology, advanced features as well as sleek design, make the brand a favourite amongst architects.

With the extensive range of solutions on offer, homeowners are able to choose the perfect heat pump for every room in the home. Whether it is a small capacity whisper quiet high wall for the bedroom, a sleek coloured heat pump to make a bold colour statement in the lounge, a compact recessed floor console for the home office, or an unobtrusive ducted whole home heating and ventilation system, there is a style to meet any need.

In addition to heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation, Mitsubishi Electric also offer next generation hot water heat pump solutions. These advanced systems not only provide super energy efficient hot water heating but offer central radiator and under-floor heating, at the same time!

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric also offer a range of industry leading multi drawer refrigerators, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans and jet towel high speed hand dryers.