Lawns are a source of pride and joy for many people in New Zealand. A well-manicured lawn can be extremely satisfying and increase the value of one’s home. It is also an essential part of gardening allowing you to make practical use of your backyard. ArchiPro features only the best lawn care products from trusted suppliers in New Zealand.

Featuring the best lawns in New Zealand

For maintaining a natural and healthy lawn, we feature only the best lawn care products in New Zealand. These are products that have been tried and tested for the climate and environmental conditions in New Zealand to help you get results quickly and easily. We also have low-maintenance artificial grass, for those who want a highly aesthetic, no-fuss solution. These synthetic lawn options can also be used for sports like tennis and golf putting. ArchiPro is committed to only bringing you products from the best suppliers for New Zealand.

Types of lawns

Warm-season lawn

Depending on your local climate within New Zealand, different grasses grow best in different weather conditions. For those in warmer towns and cities, warm-season lawn is the way to go.

Cold-season lawn

For colder areas of New Zealand, the difference between seasons can be more pronounced. You may need to sow a hybrid of season’s seeds like those classified as cold-season lawn. 

Artificial grass

There are three main types of synthetic grass: nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene. Sports grounds often use polypropylene and nylon for their resilience.

The advantages of high-quality lawns

Lawns should be there to support your lifestyle. You may want something durable and easy to maintain, so you can spend time with kids and pets. Or, you may want something of a particular style that you’ll find aesthetically pleasing. Whether you choose natural lawn or artificial grass, opting for high-quality products and supplies is a worthwhile investment to get the best results possible. They are made specifically for conditions in  New Zealand ensuring a greater chance of success and better quality results.

How to choose lawns that are right for you

Some people prefer natural lawn care as it makes them feel connected to their garden and nature. Other people want to play sports or relax on the deck instead of mowing lawns. Think about how much time you want to spend on your gardening which includes ongoing maintenance as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. As with anything to do with gardening, you also have to consider your local conditions as well as any council restrictions on water usage which could impact things. By answering these questions clearly, you’ll be able to better inform your own decision making the right choice that will meet your needs.