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Apricus specialises in sustainable hot water and central heating systems for residential and commercial buildings. We work with architects, specifiers, facility managers and homeowners to bring solutions that reduce their environmental impact and meet their hot water and central heating needs.

Apricus brings the latest renewable hot water technologies into the New Zealand market, leading with innovative solar hot water collectors, CO2 hot water heat pumps and pellet biomass boilers. We aim to offer the most reliable eco alternatives to burning fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal.

Our products include:

  • Apricus All In One - heat pump for domestic hot water heating. 
  • Reclaim Energy Heat Pump - for domestic hot water heating.
  • EasyPell Heat Pump - for domestic heating, cooling & hot water heating.
  • Easypell Pellet Boiler - domesitc heating & hot water.
  • ÖkoFEN Pellet Boiler - commercial heating & hot water.
  • Apricus - evacuated tube solar hot water systems for homes and commercial buildings.

Our pellet biomass boilers are produced by one of Europe's leading manufacturers, ÖkoFEN, a specialist in pellet boilers and a supplier of space-saving, cost-effective, simple solutions for storing pellets. Offering storage tanks suitable for all space and pellet requirements. The pellet boilers can provide enough hot water for even the most extensive home heating needs, using radiators, underfloor pipework, or a combination. The wood pellets burned are made in New Zealand from waste sawdust and wood shavings, providing 100% renewable heating, whatever the temperature outside.

Our range of hot water heat pumps use some of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants while offering outstanding performance. The very low global warming potential makes these systems the perfect electric alternative to gas hot water systems. Households can now reduce their energy costs and improve the sustainability of their home with ease.

The Apricus solar systems have robust frames, easy-to-use controllers and high-efficiency pumps. The high-performance, reliable designs can withstand New Zealand’s extreme environmental conditions. This is combined with a careful focus on quality and continual improvement by the team at Apricus International.

All complete system packages are individually designed for maximum savings, and on-shore technical support and global experience ensure quality and precision for every installation.

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