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Established in 1930, the Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for the architecture profession in Australia. We represent over 11,500 members globally and are dedicated to improving our built environment and the communities we call home by promoting quality, responsible, sustainable design.

The built environment shapes the places where we live, work and meet. It affects how spaces and places function and has the potential to stimulate the economy and enhance the environment.

Architecture influences all aspects of our built environment. It brings together the arts, environmental awareness, sciences and technology. By combining creative design with technical know-how, architects create physical environments, which in turn, influence our quality of life.

Almost all Australians (97%) believe that cities and towns are better to live in when public buildings and public spaces are well-designed. Likewise, almost all Australians (96%) believe that homes and apartments provide a better living experience when they are well-designed.

Quite simply, good design adds value.

The Australian Institute of Architects and its members are dedicated to raising the quality of the built environment for all and to the advancement of architecture. We seek to improve the health and well being of all who live and work in our diverse communities.

By raising design standards in our cities, urban areas, commercial and residential buildings, the profession as a whole alongside the Institute plays a major role in shaping Australia’s future.

The Australian Institute of Architects is a member of the International Union of Architects (UIA).

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