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Two of the Box™ Directors came to our home to discuss what we wanted from our own building. We were impressed with the way they presented themselves, their business & ideas and how they could also incorporate the ideas that we had. After a couple more meetings we signed up for Box™ to build our home for us.

During the course of our build we developed a strong working relationship, which was open, honest, transparent & fair. Box™ was always ready to listen & remedy any areas of concern. The suggestions they brought were always delivered on time & budget.

We consider that we had an amazing building experience with Box™, we love the home they have built for us, so much that we would consider building again.

We have no hesitation in recommending to future clients.

Susie & Christine
To whom it may concern,
We love our house and much to our surprise we even mostly enjoyed the building journey.  We got to know the Box™ team through the design process, they were very patient and good humoured with all our questions and design tweaks. 
In contemplating building a home as opposed to buying something existing, we had fears of potential ‘grand design’ disasters. However, along with their great designs, the Box™ team instilled in us a confidence that they would deliver what we needed. 
The build process went remarkably smoothly, it kept pace with the build timetable and we were kept informed at every step. The quality of workmanship and building materials, more often than not, exceeded our expectations. Our completed home was ready on time and on budget.  After more than 6months of living in our new home we continue to be surprised and delighted by how well it works for us.
The Box™ Living Team gave us every reason to trust their honesty and integrity. 
We recommend them without hesitation.
Jackie and Annie
We worked successfully with Box™ on our house extension, which involved integrating our existing house with the new 90sqm Box™ addition 
This project was successfully completed and we were delighted with how the team managed the entire project from beginning to end. We found them all to be very professional, trustworthy, easy to deal with and willing to raise issues we may encounter, then problem solve those issues and negotiate solutions whenever required and in a timely manner. 
We had such a great experience with the first addition we are embarking another phase adding a double garage and Box ™ unit above. 
We have no reservations with working with the Box™ team again or recommending them to other potential clients.  
Julie & Mark 
My wife Mandy and I have worked closely with the Box™ team for over 2 years now during the design and construction of our new home on Waiheke Island. 
Over the past two years Mandy and I have found Box™ a pleasure to work with. There have been absolutely zero issues or problems along the journey of building our new home. 
We have also absolutely trusted the rest of the Box™ team beyond these four respected individuals.  Both Mandy and I would be more than happy to recommend Box™ and the team to any of our friends, family or acquaintances.   
Gareth and Mandy
Paul and I contacted Box™ to discuss a potential knock-down and rebuild on our property. We had consulted with two other design and build companies and chose Box™ because of the way they consulted and genuinely listened to our ideas and requirements - and because of their design. 
Paul and I both have successful business backgrounds and we have very high expectations. Service is key - especially for me. From the time we contacted Box™ in the outset through to the completion of our Box™ house, we found all of the Box™ team welcoming, attentive, willing to go the extra mile and as good as their word - without exception. Following completion of our house several major issues have come to light which need rectifying, mainly due to a sub-contractor not completing work as specified. Service really shows up when there are problems and this is where Box™ has been outstanding, they have fronted up and honoured their word, handled the issues by clearly communicating with us and are providing ongoing solutions. I have found them outstanding in this regard. 
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you guys for making this whole process so easy for us. Your care and attention for the project was evident to us throughout the project. We appreciate the approach that Box™ has taken from the start to the finish. I think the fact that we can say we enjoyed the process is nothing short of amazing...especially as we have friends who have been building at the same time and they feel as if they are in the middle of a nightmare that won’t end!
We built a house and pool in Auckland with Box™. The design and build process began in 2013 and we moved into the house at the beginning of 2015. 
We are delighted with our home. We really enjoyed working with Box™. Throughout the entire process we found them to be professional, trust worthy, reliable and approachable. As with most building projects, we encountered issues along the way (in particular with our earthworks). We always felt that Box™ consulted us in a timely manner, acted transparently and were very fair and reasonable in their approach. In our experience Box™ dealt with issues more than satisfactorily. We feel that Box™ has a strong ethos of acting in the client’s best interests. I would not hesitate to recommend Box™.
Georgina and David
Chris and Amanda